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Games have certainly taken a down-turn in the last few years... with some exceptions, of course. The GTA series has become an unstoppable force, and I can't wait to play Vice City when it comes out for PC in a couple weeks time. Also, Max Payne rocks the party, and Splinter Cell and Hitman 2 were fun as well.

Other than that, I still have more fun rocking the NES or SNES, or playing Ninja Turtles arcade on my MAME emulator. Side scrolling fighters/shooters were the sweetest games. Occasionally, game companies will spit out a real gem of a 3D game, but sometimes you just wonder why they ever went 3D and why it isn't 1993 anymore.

Final Fantasy rules all, by the way. 1-7 have got to be some of the best games ever. The series went to crap with 8, and beyond.
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