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I'm kinda split on it.

A lot of new games are similar to older games, but they take everything to the next level. Take gta vice city for example. We'd already seen gta3, so the concept of having an entire city to walk around in wasnt all that new. The graphics werent that much of an improvement, but they hit the nail on the head when it came to gameplay. It was just so much more interesting, so there's one case of where a game that's already been done can be improved.

With multiplayer fps', there really isnt much that can be done, aside from different weapons, new interesting maps and so on, but these can be had for free from mod sites. The only real improvements are in the graphics and sound departments. But there's still a lot that can be done with single player fps experiences. To me there really hasnt been anything that equals dues ex yet, and i think it'll remain my favorite single player fps for a long time, as it combined a lot of different genres into one.

If you look on the store shelves nowdays, there's heaps of driving games available, but most of them are pure crap (and im sorry shenlong, but i'm gonna put nfs2 hp2 in that category too, just my opinion). Gran turismo was the first driving game since stunts and streetrod that literally had me suckered in for hours. Not only do they provide a great arcade style racing sim, but you can spend litterally hundreds of hours playing gt mode, and often more than once (my third time playing through gt3 at the moment). Most arcade (and many simulation) racing games just dont offer enough encoragement to come back and play it again, and thats their downfall. If i want to play arcade, i'll go to timezone (or whatever) put in my $2 and have my 5 minutes of fun, rather than spending $100 and getting sick of it after a couple of hours. Again, just my point of view.

Funny thing is, my favorite game of all time (master of orion2) is about 7 years old, it's a game that's been copied a hundred times, yet no-one seems to be able to get the combination right. They just dont give that immersive feeling where you actually believe you're a part of something much bigger than 'sittin on your ass playing a stupid game'. I'm still waiting to get MOO3, as i havent seen it on the shelves yet, but if they can improve on perfect it'll be worth every cent x 1000.

So i dont have a clear preference for old games or new games...Both can be good whent they're done right.
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