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For people to connect to your station, you have to find out your current IP number. The number that connects direct to your computer.

I am on cable. My ISP has a proxy between me and the internet. I happen to know my IP number, so I can connect direct to my radio station.

BUT, yp.ShoutCast playlist is getting the REMOTE_ADDR variable, which is different from the HTTP_FORWARDED variable. I imagine it's geting this from the proxy. This causes an error message. It expects to get to your station via the wrong number, finds no broadcast there, and so gives an error message.

My true IP number is the HTTP_FORWARDED variable.

This link will tell you your true IP number:

I am a webmaster of some years experience. I found setting
up Shoutcast a trial, because if ONE thing is wrong in your setup, it won't work. Shoutcast has one or two little quirks. It's complicated, and requires perserverance.

The only solution is to dig around these forums. Copy and paste the error message in the search box. You may have to use + or AND between each word (can't remember).
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