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Originally Posted by garybaldy72uk View Post
SAM 4.2.2 doesn't have shoutcast 2 conectivity, plus it's a really buggy version of that program.

if you really need a shoutcast v2 encoders switch software to a program such as RadioDJ something that supports SC2 via plugin. That's a free program btw.
But untile i know RadioDj don't let you live speak or put it tougether with skype to make interviews aren't it?

If you know some other program than can do both things and also stream random music when tell it to do, let me know, plz

(of course if can do it with plug-ins i'm gonna change to it right away)

Thanks you for the answer

PS: Sorry for the double post, i just see the answer of garybaldy72uk after respond to jaromanda
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