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Unfortunately more incidents had happened. In Autumn 2014 some unknown people with their mobile devices had stood near our multi-family-house every day for many hours, and although our router from 2013 had WPA2, the criminal people had hacked our WLAN-Key. When we had turned off our WLAN in December, suddenly these people had disappeared. In the same time Frank's identity had been stolen, we had to contact the police. At home we had disconnected our computers, only in the computer-room of the meeting-point I stop by from time to time. Here it is secure, the computers are up to date. At home I have more time for my artist works than before December 2014.

About Facebook: Frank and I dislike also Facebook itself more and more. The public mud-battles and the many hate-comments, they are really annoying, but also the policy of Facebook. Artists are not allowed to use their pseudonyms in Facebook, also they can get trouble with Facebook, if they want to click "Like" for all birthday-wishes by their "Facebook-Friends". But the most "friends" were not really friends, and especially I myself had many problems with internet-stalkers and other troublemakers.

At least Frank and I are on the other bigger music-websites and social networks. I work on some of my public music-playlists from time to time, and I am active also on deviantART...

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