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Originally Posted by heathcliff View Post
"We"? Only you and someone else "2 years later". An agreement is an agreement. If something is promised then you stick to the promise why else is there an agreement? (This is a rhetorical question) If something has changed, you also change the agreement. That is normal in the radio world, even better that is very normal in general.

The minimum requirements are clearly stated before you enter into the agreement. I meet the minimum requirements way above average. Again proof that you have not read this thread.

Thank you so much, because if a company is doing difficult over 30,00, you are better off with your own ads. Finally, you get full 100% return. So, I wish you good luck
oh that makes sense.. if it's $30 you're fighting about.. of course.. it makes sense now.. your payment will probably be delayed a bit more.. you're wasting your time on shoutcast
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