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i've now reproduced the Winamp-specific playback issue with test streams neralex has provided me earlier this evening. ram130's streams work fine in Winamp as matches with neralex's observation.

so my initial thought is that it's likely to be a source specific issue (especially with a beta sc_trans being used) which is triggering the issue. whether it's then the DNAS at fault or not I cannot say for certain until further debugging is done.

but as it's affecting the only listener client I'm aware off that supports the 2.x listener protocol and the stream is being fed with a beta source running in 2.x mode, this may be a setup specific issue (based on a specific source, DNAS and client chain).

and it would be handy if abides could provide some more information on the setup being used so we can help determine if my postulation above is correct or not.
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