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I have been doing a little bit of digging , and it seems so far that the special chars leave the source Ok , but are seen in the dnas logs mangled . I have two machines one for dnas and other is the remote source . The four chars that I have caught in the logs go like this :
Sent utf-8 char: Received at dnas:
h'c5a1 last byte is 1010 0001 h'61 0110 0001 displayed as : a
h'c5be 1011 1110 h'7e 0111 1110 ~
h'c5a0 1010 0000 h'60 0110 0000 `
h'c5bd 1011 1101 h'7d 0111 1101 }

Looks like one bit is being shifted on reception . I guess in the mean time it may be the only chance to use the xml method . Do you have a small perl script snippet to start me off , which I can use to send the song/artist metadata from the source and into dnas ?

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