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Crashing Issues

Winamp crashes on play?
I load winamp, i choose a song, i press play and hello winamp crashes i send that error reporting thing in every time. This has been a problem to me through versions 3.0+ to 5.03 anyone have a clue why it keeps crashing.
I can post more info if needed.

Running XP Pro (Latest Patches)
Geforce 2 64mb tv/out
(when i update the display drivers to the newest versions it doesn't work right)
MSI Motherboard

Sometimes winamp works sometimes it doesn't sometimes it will work for a while then it will crash. Now its constantly crashing, I bought the Pro version of winamp thinking the program has a time lock on it and winamp wants u to buy the pro well thats not the case. This just sucks, I like the features with winamp if the crashing would just stop.

Anyone any ideas?
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