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Dro, sometimes the build in Visualization (AVS and Milkdrop)don't work, when this plug-in is installed.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Auto Video Fullscreen
1. Use Winamp Modern Skin
2. Open the attached visualization window (it doesn't matter if you are using AVS or Milkdrop, both don't work)

Result: The Window is open, but no visualization is shown,

It is very hard to reproduce the bug. Other Visualizations, like Geiss2 work fine.

I have to delete the winamp.ini, or to uninstall the plug-in to run Milkdrop or Avs again.

I use no other third party plug-ins except for: AutoPlay & TimeRestore, Geiss2, Skins in a Submenu, One Click Show & Hide and Find File on Disk.

Sorry, for the poor bug description, but I still hope, that you can fix this, maybe.
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