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Antialias looks loads better on e.g. Vista when using fonts like SegoeUI

Did you maybe cancel the Setup section at the end of the installer?
You need to run Setup with the installation, otherwise the Default Programs registry entries won't be created.
This is because Vista will only allow 'elevated' processes to write to the HKLM section of the registry. The installer/setup is elevated when Vista prompts you to confirm the action and allow it to run.

If you did run Setup as part of the installation, and clicked Next -> Next -> Finish, then try running the installer again, but this time when the Setup section appears at the end, try unchecking/checking a couple of extensions on the File Associations page.

It all works perfectly fine for me anyway, heh

Or maybe you've disabled the User Account Control thing, and therefore you don't get prompted and the Winamp installer is never elevated - in which case it won't be able to write to the registry (yes, Vista sucks, heh).

covertag? Hmmmm...
Which skin are you using?
Does the problem occur with all skins (Classic, Modern, Bento), or just one of them?
Have you tried contacting the 3rd-party plugin author?
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