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Originally Posted by ItaraFolf View Post
And now another issue has reared its ugly head: After 'fixing' the mp3 issues and continuing to calculate replaygain in my music, I have noticed that some AAC data containing files (m4as containing either LC AAC or HE AAC) will cause a crash if I attempt to process them with the replaygain calculator.

This has happened at least twice now and has utterly destroyed the files in question - the files themselves exist on the hard drive but presently are nothing more than dead space as all information that allows a media player to identify them and play them is now apparently gone.

These were files extracted off of CDs using older versions of Winamp itself.
wow, that's pretty serious.

I think the best thing for you to do is to copy all your m4a files now, so if winamp destroys anymore, it only destroys the copy. and then that way you can identify and upload files to the winamp devs that demonstrate the issue.

just to be sure, do you have any 3rd party plugins at all? might be an idea to start a new thread in bug reports for this issue and post your info report.

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