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I'm obviously not the authority on this, but from what I understand, Milkdrop uses the frame buffer on the vid card to store the texture, while it calculates the next frame. It's possible that it might also use the vid card to store z values for pixels (which can be translated into red/blue for 3d mode)

I do know that the reason Milkdrop renders so fast is that it only calculates a relatively small number of pixels using the actual perframe and perpixel codes. This is the size of the matrix. Once all these pixels have their xy velocity and xy stretch calculated (and hence their position in the next frame), all neightbouring pixels have their velocities calculated using a weighted average of the nearby pixels that were actually calculated.

I don't know if these calculations are done on the CPU of the vid card. Both devices are extremely good at doing vector math these days, though cards like the GeForce are hyper-accelerated for it (T&L engine and all that)

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