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Winamp preset rights

Hey, My name is Ethan fox, Im a small electronic dance music artist

I was wondering if was able to use some stills took from win-amp as album artworks. i will edit them and would never take credit for using someone else's art, If i ever get asked where I came from i will credit the milkdrop artists and company. If Im not allowed to use these Im okay with that, i would like to know asap because i want to release these songs and Im nervous about copy right or putting my career at risk. If someone can get to me before April that would be amazing.

I did see a post where one of the artists who made a preset I used said he is okay with people using his presets, but I dont not know who the artist of the other preset I used
Referance :

Here is a reference to the images i used

Thankyou very much, Ethan fox edm
you can also contact me at or
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