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Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
Overkill is fun!

It might not be overkill though. Sometimes you need something large, or in the Bose's case, large-sounding to produce balanced sound or "flat frequency response" as the audiophiles say, even at low volume levels, if you're picky like I am.

I like the idea of satellite systems for tight spaces. You still have the low frequencies of a subwoofer, but hidden out of sight while the satellite speakers are also easy to tuck away somewhere. That connected to any old disc changer would be ideal, but that might be overkill and very expensive for some.

A lot of small shelf systems or big boomboxes have a bass-boost feature, but that usually gives too much high bass and not enough low, causing headaches for you and the people in the next office. Usually those bass boost systems produce an annoying swell around 150-300 Hz and still very little sound below 150Hz.

Many new systems, even cheap and generic ones are getting very good with midrange and treble. If you don't need good sounding bass, you'd probably be happy with almost any thing from a Best Buy type place. Keep in mind you'll want inputs. I hear you want CDs, but it'll be nice to plug in a mobile device once in a while too, even if it's the computer.

Good idea for the small receiver, Ted. I'm thinking I might go with something like this:

Whatever I go with is going to beat the $10 PC speakers I'm using.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.
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