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Update for PM and shared screen/skype session between damn68 and I for those that are following along:

k, Now I got something to test and debug. Apparently damn68 was having a conflict between LiveWire and Ventrilo and/or Teamspeak which is a bit disconcerting. The conflict might ultimately be caused by Vista/7 so I will probably have to borrow a Win7 box from somebody hopefully.

I was able to successfully demonstrate live to damn68 how to use LiveWire + VAC + Skype to do a live on-the-air Skype chat while playing music all with software mixing (no external hardware mixers or using the default sound device for mixing, i.e. no [Stereo Mix].) The way I figured it out without causing audio repeats, feedback, or other annoyances is with 3 Virtual Cables and 4 instances of the Audio Repeater configured thusly (please make notes):

Skype [Microphone]: Cable 1
Skype [Speakers]: Cable 2

LiveWire [In Device]: Cable 3

Audio Repeater #1 [Wave In]: <Your hardware microphone device>
Audio Repeater #1 [Wave Out]: Cable 1

Audio Repeater #2 [Wave In]: Cable 2
Audio Repeater #2 [Wave Out]: <Your hardware speakers device>

Audio Repeater #3 [Wave In]: Cable 2
Audio Repeater #3 [Wave Out]: Cable 3

Audio Repeater #4 [Wave In]: Cable 1
Audio Repeater #4 [Wave Out]: Cable 3

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Attached a screenshot of the entire gig-up.
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