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Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
That's not exactly true: it DOES read Opus from Ogg Containers, because that is what .opus files technically are!

Yes, they also can have an .OGG file extension, but the problem is that this extension is "grabbed" by the Ogg/Vorbis input plugin! So either the Vorbis input plugin should be changed to pass through non-Vorbis Ogg files to the Opus plugin, or the other way round.
OK, thanks for the explanation. Although from a user perspective it is perfectly true that the plugin does not currently provide the functionality to play Opus audio in a .ogg container.
If nothing official is likely to happen with Winamp any time soon, then I guess the "other way round" solution is the only option at the moment (i.e. Opus plugin grabs all .ogg files and passes on Vorbis files to the in_Vorbis.dll)?

As an aside, I've just tried an experiment to see what would happen if I renamed a .ogg Opus file to .opus. Trying to open this crashed Winamp. I presume this isn't a surprising result but I have the error log here if anyone is interested.

Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Regarding the WebM container: that's right, the plugin can't handle this currently, but Opus in WebM is a streaming-only and/or Google/Chrome-only thing, isn't it? I'm not really sure whether support for this is important to the masses...
I agree that it seems like a lower priority. Though this issue has already been encountered by another user as noted above. I presume it is mainly encountered via downloads from YouTube and the like.
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