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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the plug-in basically won't work on any current OS (like Windows 7 as you appear to be using) and so it will do everything that you're seeing from failing to install correctly to causing Winamp to crash....
I can understand your request / recommendation to not use ActiveWinamp.

1. The installer is a mess (the Staff Review: "Very easy to install and to get going with" is laughable).
2. Even the best patched version is broken. (scripts called from the ML often execute twice)
3. There is no support by the author. (Whatever happened to Shane Hird?)

But, ActiveWinamp is usable on my system (after registering the dll manually, replacing the dll with a patched version, and putting the script files where they belong). Maybe (probably?) it will stop working after a future Winamp version update. For now, it's a way to do whatever a script can do with information taken from Winamp. Also, it supports a Windows Gadget called "Now Playing" which controls Winamp from the desktop or Vista Sidebar and has an excellent album art display feature.

Maybe ActiveWinamp is more trouble to get working than it's worth but I plan to use it as long as possible. If only Mr. Hird or some other developer would surface to whip the bugger into shape! And I now know better than to ask for help or support for this plugin.

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