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I agree with Aminifu, and Komodo X Touchscreen by Victhor belongs also to my favourites, together with currently 860 desktop wallpapers (326 are 100% from me). This Winamp Skin is also a very good replacement for me, since so many music websites had changed their profile layouts to make them more compatible with mobile devices, and then the beautiful profile background images in the profiles of the artists were not possible anymore.

But I like also all other SUI-Skins (Single User Interface), for example cPro & cPro2 & cProXui Skins. Victhor had made many good SUI-Skins. You can look for them on deviantART.

There are also many other Modern Skins out which work with more than only 1 window, but I don't like them so much. I dislike especially those Modern Skins which look like a metallic skull or like a machine gun.

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