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*siiiigh* Fine, I'll update with the newest coins and shit. This might take a while.

I got a scanner, and I've re-done my whole banknote collection. So I'll start off with the two old $5 banknotes I last posted shitty pics of:

1899 $5 Silver Certificate

1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note

Sold about half the gold I had and got this. Springfield Armory "Range Officer" M1911, .45 ACP. Fantastic pistol.

Sold the other half of the gold I had and got these two banknotes;

1922 $10 Gold Certificate

1896 $1 "Educational Series" Silver Certificate

Some other new stuff;

1966 $100 United States Note

1864 $20 Confederate States of America

1907 $5 "Woodchopper" United States Note

July 14, 1869 through February 16, 1875 $0.15 (15 cent) Fractional Currency

February 26, 1874 through February 16, 1876 $0.10 (10 cent) Fractional Currency

Been doing some food stamps, too;

1992 $10 USDA Food Coupon
All I have so far, including a rare star note food stamp.

Some foreign stuff now.

1921 Philippines 5 Pesos banknote

1912 Russian 500 Rubles.
This banknote is massive, coming in at 272 x 126 mm (10.71 x 4.96 in).
It was also worth a lot back then. It exchanged at about $257 dollars, in 1912. Adjusted for inflation, that's around $6,300 today.

Here's a 500 Ruble banknote from 1997.

2004 Japanese 1000 yen banknote. Currently exchanges to $9.02 USD.

Brand new 2017 Fiji $7 banknote, commemorating their Rugby Seven team win in the 2016 Olympics. Exchanges to $3.37 USD.

Also brand new, 2017 Switzerland 20 franc banknote. Exchanges to $20.44 USD.

Let's switch to coins and shit. Last I see I posted on my British Monarchs set was the 1566 Queen Elizabeth piece. So let's update that;

1645-46 King Charles I half crown

1687 King James II threepence

With that, I'm only missing the Cromwell commonwealth, which only really has two affordable coins, the 1 and 2 pence, under Richard Cromwell. I'd need over $1k USD to even *think* about getting anything from Oliver Cromwell. So I've got from Queen Elizabeth II back to James II. Skip the Cromwells, and I've got them all in a row back to Elizabeth I.

2016 Mongolia 1000 Tögrög. Graded PCGS PR70 DCAM. Mintage: 1,000.

2015 Kazakhstan (Great success!) 1 tenge Silver Irbis

2016 South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang "One Clay". Mintage: 50,000

2017 Australia, Silver Swan, One Dollar. Mintage: 25,000

2016 Russia St. George the Great, 3 Rubles (5 US cents). Mintage: 18,205

2017 Netherlands "Lion Dallder/Dollar". Mintage: 5,000 (I have two!)

And one of my favorite pieces:

1974 Monaco 100 francs. 1.1896 troy ounces of silver. Mintage: 25,000.

Doesn't look like a lot, but my photography setup is wholly inadequate to capture the heads side of the coin. Here's the eBay seller's photo:

I knew it would probably be decent looking. When I received the coin (in it's original packaging), it was heads down. Turned that sumbitch over and actually gasped.

Here's the coin angled in sunlight, taken with my phone:

And the best I can get with my current camera setup:

Totally need a better setup.

Anyway, this all fit in one post. Damn. I'll leave you with some albums that contain more photos of stuff:

Foreign banknote collection
Large sized US banknotes
Small sized US banknotes
USDA Food Stamps
British Monarchs set
New Venezuelan hyperinflation banknotes
When I got on a Canadian coin kick
¡Viva la Cuba!

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