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I dunno

I don't think it's winamp, as I got this same exact problem just after updating AVG this morning (after restarting winamp).

Since AVG ganked the zlib.dll file into the virus vault, winamp, of course, would no longer launch [w/ drwatson error reporting bs]. Reinstalling from the same installer package ( I'd installed winamp from in the first place, first part of install went thru, then on first run (where you might normally reconfigure [preferences/skins/talkback/file associations] it triggered the same AVG resident shield warning.

If it was winamp, it probably would have triggered this in the intervening weeks since I'd installed winamp, especially if it were Heuristically detecting a threat

(I'm guessing from the name "SHeu.CLZE" that it may indicate one of those B.S. titles they give for a malware which is heuristcally suspicious, but not detected as a signature for a known threat)

I dunno, this just feels like a false positive since the avg update, but I'm reticent to allow exceptions generally, so I guess I'll just wait for a little bit to see what this turns out to be.

Just curious, each of you who've gotten this, what are the version numbers you're currently running with?

mine are:
AVG: 8.0.173
DEF: 270.7.5/1701
Lic: Free
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