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Hi guys! Suggestions:

1. Include a "Delete from storage device" option from the playlist screen. It's annoying having to go back to the media list to delete a track.

2a. Allow storing equalizer settings per track, so every time you play them they sound just perfect (Pro only, of course!). Would be VERY willing to pay for this support as a separate app like the others you can buy e.g. lyrics.

2b. Even allow another level, so choosing which speaker you're plugged into will pull up that set of stored EQ settings for each track. So, you can set it per speaker if you have the time or inclination. Even being able to upload those EQ settings per track into a database somewhere, so others can get the benefits..?

3. (been said before, but) Gapless playback. A lot of albums really need it to sound comfortable.

4. Allow us to set WinAmp as default media player (sorry if it's there already, should be more obvious if it is like when you open Firefox it asks if you want to make it default browser automatically). That would stop the native player taking over all the time

Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
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