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There is always a different approach. For one, I use a simple bot (can be written in PHP and even turned into .exe by BamCompiler) for this. Here's how.

As with all free hosting (and sometimes even paid shared), most of fopen() wrappers will be disabled. In that case I:

1. write a little script that can passively receive data (for example once a minute by mymedia.php?nowplaying=Title&dj=DJ) and stores it in a file, for example nowplaying.db (or whatever). So the http page only RECEIVES, and You can't really block that.

2. on the other side (my server, or wherever) - use my BOT to parse the XML (or webpage) info from the source shoutcast server, extract the data (title, listeners etc. etc.) and SEND IT to that link once a minute.

3. on the webpage itself, just have to parse the nowplaying.db to get the fields' data

Hope it helps.


a) sorry for refreshing and old topic ^^ but I haven't seen this approach anywhere, and it just works

b) ON REQUEST, I could write the .exe app/php script that could be used as such a system, and let it be posted as a tool for sc serving/additional (along with source, no prob); such an app is also PERFECT for keeping logs of what's playing on the air (like for those pesky rights management organizations, if You're on license)
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