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SHOUTcast DNAS 2 Beta v0.1

Presenting the first Beta point-release of what will be the next-generation of SC_SERV SHOUTcast DNAS broadcasting server! This drop is the result of the SHOUTcast broadcasting community's list of feature requirements over the years.

The goal of SC_SERV2 is to provide enhanced serving features and access to the new yp2 infrastructure (in development)
while maintaining as much backward compatibility with the previous sc_serv as possible.

Download Link >>

Release Notes:

1) Serve multiple streams from a single server instance
2) Relay multiple streams from a single server instance
3) Multiplex all server activity through a single IP port.
4) Shoutcast 2 wire protocol support for sources, relays and clients
5) Repackaging of Shoutcast 1 and Shoutcast 2 data as appropriate for the connecting client(s)
6) yp2 infrastructure support

To take advantage of these new features you will also need the following:

1) sc_trans version V2 B38 or higher:

2) authorization hashes (register as a broadcaster in the new infrastructure and you will be issued the necessary hashes) - COMING SOON!

sc_serv must be configured to use the yp2 infrastructure to take advantage of the multiplexing and multiple stream support. The original yp interface had no means of
expressing multiple streams from a single port.

The yp2 interface is still in development and will be released soon! Stay tuned for updates.

If you are going to connect multiple sc_trans instances to sc_serv, you must use the Shoutcast2 protocol.
The original Shoutcast protocol had no means of specifying a stream ID. Clients connecting to the
server do not need Shoutcast2 support, since sc_serv will repackage the stream data and metadata for them as appropriate.

Comments / bug reports / feedback / feature requests welcome and encouraged!

- Neil and the SHOUTcast team.
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