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Originally posted by SC_faisal
7.html will be deprecated in SC_SERV2. We are trying to move towards standardized broadcaster server "APIs" and stats access. 7.html was a hack anyway. ;-)

I would like to see a way to retrieve server stats without having to pull that giant XML feed. Our main reason for pulling stats from the 7.html file rather than XML is because of the amount of data transferred. For an instance of sc_serv with 100 listeners, this means the difference between 419 bytes (7.html) and 26kb (xml) per request, a factor of 60. Multiply this by 20 servers that are queried once every 2 minutes, and the difference in the amount of data transferred is staggaring.

7.html = 173MB/month
index.html (screen scraper) = 2.7GB/month
xml = 11GB/month

While this amount of data is relatively trivial compared to the amount of bandwidth used by the streams themselves, it still seems silly to transfer 11GB of xml data when 7.html was able to accomplish the same thing in 1/60th the amount of data transferred.

Perhaps an alternate xml feed with just basic stats?
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