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It's exciting to see movement on this. Here's my short (for now) wishlist, along with a couple of questions...

1) Legacy encoder support would be important for a lot of people I think (in = portnumber, out = mount point)
Encoder connects on, listener connects on

Why? No offense, but sc_trans is well beyond the capabilities of non-technical users - heck, I can't even figure it out, and broadcasters have considerable money already invested in DJ software like SAM Broadcaster, Station Playlist and dozens of other packages out there. If I want to offer a 128k stream with audio processing, I don't want it "transcoded" at all. I want to push it to the server, end of story.

2) Authentication support for password protected/subscription streams would be cool. Something like the way Icecast currently supports it today. Listener is challenged, and provides username/pass. Shoutcast server then issues the call to a broadcaster website script URL, which "acks" or "naks" the connection attempt.

My questions...

1) Can you add/delete objects in the STREAM CONFIGS area "on the fly" without a restart of the core exe?

2) Can you specify max listeners, stream PW etc, on a per-stream basis?

3) Can SC2 RELAY a private SC1 server and be YP2 compatible that way?
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