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Originally posted by Klausi2007
Is it possible to relay a 1.9.8 server without yp2 compatibility?

When i try "relayport" and "relayserver", the sc_serv ends up there:

shoutcast2beta# ./sc_serv sc_10666.conf
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:<***> Logger startup
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:<***> version build
2010-03-01 21:26:30 D msg:<***>
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:[main] calculated cpu count is 2
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:[main] starting 2 network threads
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:[ban] Banned 0 IP's
2010-03-01 21:26:30 I msg:[rip] 0 entries in rip list

It has to be killed with "kill-9" ...

Regards, Klaus
From what i understnd from config files, for relay you have to use:

Personal i try to get relay from SHOUTcast 1.9.8 but all the time on Winamp i get this error: "[ICY 401 Service Unavailable]]"

SHOUTcast 2 connect on SHOUTcast 1.9.8, get the stream signal and after that i get:

2010-03-01 23:42:27 E msg:[dst sid=2] Shoutcast 1 cl
ient connection rejected. Stream not available. WinampMPEG/5.57, Ultravox/2.1
2010-03-01 23:42:39 W msg:[yp2] Timeout waiting for data retrying
2010-03-01 23:42:39 I msg:[yp2] Connecting to

So without a clear info about config file and maybe a working YP2, we can not use yet
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