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cuddles71: having installed b40 over the top of b39 shouldn't have caused any differences unless i've managed to break something in the compile of it. which OS version of sc_trans are you using?

Originally Posted by BornKillaz View Post
I'm on CentOS, running:
SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.8 (didn't like the new "buffer type" in version 2)
along with
Transcoder version build (previous build, and is working fine)
would you mind expanding on what you mean by that please.

as for the sc_trans issue, so you're passing the same path to b40 just by changing the sc_trans file? could you pm me the complete filepath so i can try it out on the CentOS vm i'm using to build sc_trans to see if i can reproduce the issue (though seems very strange as the only change to the config loading was to exit if there was no file or an invalid path passed and to have it support the 'include' option.

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