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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
if you look at sc_trans_basic.conf, you'll see if has a group where the config entry names end with _0, to make a second stream of the same input at a different bitrate, you need to make a copy of the entries, changing _0 to _1 and then edit the values as appropriate.

if that's too confusing then you can have a look at the config_builder and the 'Encoders, Targets, and Endpoints' section which sets the same as what is shown in the example config file mentioned above.

as a note, you're not able to specify currently a title specific to that stream i.e. to be able to add in something which indiciates a different bitrate in the stream (this will hopefully be in the next release).

Thanks DrO! Not confusing at all, I've develop my own interface that already does that, however I just didn't know exactly how it was processed.

I guess I'll just have to create another endpoint ate 128kbps with a different port number, and I got stream on both, isn't that right?

So i can have for example: (96kbps)
and (128kbps)

Hope that's it!

Thank you.

EDIT: I misunderstood, is not that easy! I'm running SHOUTcast 1.9.8, is it possible with this version?

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