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FWIW SAM V 4.9.1 and up does support Shoutcast V2. The Mountpoints (if you want to call them that) are 0,1 and so on. I've noticed this on the newer versions of SAM.

Icecast was the pioneer of multi streams from the same server thus more applications support it. Even services like Loudcaster have been using Icecast for their server and then transcoding it to their Web player and TuneIn.

Most Shoutast hosting services also use Shoutcast V1. You could experiment with l i s t e n 2 m y r a d i o d o t c o m to experiment with Shoutcast 2 as they have a Closed Private Shoutcast V2 FREE server to play around with. After you get it figured out then go back to your public server and broadcast. This way when your streams go live you'll look more like a pro.

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