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I'm sure SAM Encoders DSP for Winamp and 3rd party broadcasters will be SC 2 compatible just set Winamp or SAM to 1 and the next station to 2 and so on. So in an example you could have a Progressive Rock station on 1, 80s station on 2 and Alternetive Rock station on 3. Or you can stream 128K on 1, 64K AAC+ on 2 and 64K Mp3 on 3.

I know SAM 4.9.1 has this option and should work well. Otherwise Download SAM Broadcaster 4.9.6 (Latest version).

Hopefully AOL will see it in their heart to develope SCV2 encoders that will work on broadcasters like RadioDJ, RadioBoss, Stationplaylist, and other broadcasting software as Winamp (as of yet) has no DMCA auto playlist and does not have scheduling for station ID's ect. I do suspect a new Winamp Broadcaster (All In One) to be developed and be a competitor to SAM and could be lesser priced too. SAM has always been extremely expensive to legally own.

Great Broadcasting Software Windows XP/7/8

For Progressive Rock, Classic Rock
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