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Adding Metadata To Server Hosting Multiple Independent Streams/Channels

Version: SHOUTcast Server v2.6.0.750/win64

I recently upgraded to this version of Shoutcast and I'm liking the improvements!

Currently I'm hosting a server with 3 streams set on port 8000. Each stream features different programming. We use a 3rd party application [PADapult] to send Now Playing information [Artist/Title/Album metadata] to various sources (Website, RDS, HD Exciters, etc.). When I did the server upgrade I went from running 3 SC services on 3 different ports to this current 1 port, 3 stream setup.

I'm trying to determine how to send the Now Playing metadata for stream 2 and stream 3 to their respective streams. The application prompts me for the server URL/password. Is there a way that I can differentiate the URL for streams 2 and 3 for inbound metadata traffic much in the same way I can differentiate it for outbound/endbound traffic (xx.xx.x.x:8000/stream/2/)? Has anyone who is running multiple streams off the same port dealt with this issue?

FYI, each stream has a unique stream password.

Screenshot of 3rd party application included where you can see now playing info is passed directly to the server, bypassing the DSP.
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