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I'm using Winamp since 1999, when I had only 1 mp3 on my 120 MB HDD at that time.

Meanwhile I finished my university degree, MSc. After lived in few EU countries, moved to Australia. Crossed the globe, never stop using it.

I got married, have kids, and recently upgraded one abandoned Winamp visualizer plugin and uploaded it here. It was broken since decades, but luckily found the sources, fixed and added more features

During the last 20 years I tried some other players but never found anything better than Winamp. Now I am on v5.666 added ~30 DSP effects, ~20 visualization plugins with ~3500 avs visual effects, ~30 skins
Most valuable DSP effect is the 'Equalizer by nevi' which is graphical equalizer that allow to set frequencies with precision of 1Hz
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