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As you see, the default Winamp setup often needs help to play videos correctly.

First use "MediaInfo" ( to check what formats your video is using for the video and audio streams. Sometimes video files have the wrong extension which causes Winamp to use the wrong decoders. In these cases, simply changing the file extension allows Winamp to play the video correctly (after adding the DirectShow codecs and setting up the associated Winamp input plug-ins).

Sometimes, the only way I can get a video to work in Winamp (with this method) is to repackage the video file as a "MKV" file containing a 1 or 2 channel audio stream. I use "MetaFox" to do this (

Some users have success using pbelkner's "FFSox Player" plug-in instead of separate DirectShow codecs and the associated Winamp input plug-ins ( This method worked well for me until a version update caused the media library to list new video additions twice (as both video and audio files). The videos still played correctly.

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