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The Info for the file:
MPEG-4 (Base Media/Version 2): 3.74 MiB, 1mn 22 s
1 video stream: AVC
1 audio stream: AAC
Overall bit rate mode: Variable
Overall bit rate: 379 Kbps

Also while getting meta fox and opening it the error came up, is this necessary at all or will it be fine without:
Haali Media Splitter x86 needs to be installed for Dsmux to work. This message will only be displayed once.
But then again cant have 2 splitters or this will cause problems....

Aside from that the mkv makes it work now but still no video. Which also brings me to the question from my original question was there anything I was doing wrong really for installing and implementing the gabest splitter and ffdshow? I added all the video and audio codecs correctly for ffdshow and I registered the gabest into my windows 8 x64 and put it in the system folder. Neither do I even know if they are implemented into winamp or if winamp is using the ffdshow or the splitter. The splitter is with the other codecs in the systems folder so im unsure if its being overrode or something. Any suggestions? Do I need to be more detailed about the situation with the mp4 video problems?

Likewise as well that's the only video that even works so far. Ill download other random mp4 videos to test and prove its not working. Because any other mp4 videos just arent recognized by winamp (have no dates, no time, clicking on the file in winamp does nothing.). Also I doubt I need the haali splitter since Dsmux is a toggle option/setting/tool.

I will try the plugin you were talking about.

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