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Sadly there was no error. As for running at administrator weirdly enough when ran with permissions I cant drag files into meta fox. It gives the cancel mouse cursor. Running it without permissions allows me to put folders in it. Also by errors do you mean an error will pop up during the process of converting a file or is there a dump it makes for errors? While turning it into a mkv no errors came up of the sort.

Also with the tweak tool I tweaked it in preferred splitters to use gabest splitter instead of merit for all formats but im unsure of adding m4a to it as well since the mp4 demuxer is using it, but aside from that I added it anyways and have been tweaking the codecs and winamps current settings of the in-plugs as well. Also while looking at the enabled products ffdshow is enabled but gabest wasnt for direct show so I added it. These are currently enabled:
Disabled filters=
Microsoft G.711 decoder

IVF source filter

Enabled filters=
ffdshow video decoder
ffdshow DXVA decoder
ffdshow RAW video processor

ffdshow audio decoder
ffdshow RAW audio processor

MP4 splitter (Gabest)

EDIT (again):
This isn't a problem really but im also just curious of why it might not be working and ontop of that I haven't seen any cases to do with mp4 videos with windows 8/8.1 and in some way I want to make the ffdshow work as well with the gabest splitter. Seems pretty much like even if they are enabled and gabest is preferred over merit then it really isnt working. I also have slight guesses into thinking its because I registered the gabest into my SysWOW64 folder (since it wouldn't let me put it into the system32 folder anyways...) instead of a 32 and could be because of its compatibility.

But aside from that thank you for helping me atleast I can watch videos now I just hope the devs will be able to continue developing and updating winamp as well because I really like this player.
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