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Originally Posted by Abyss08ofEvil View Post
Sadly there was no error. As for running at administrator weirdly enough when ran with permissions I cant drag files into meta fox. It gives the cancel mouse cursor. Running it without permissions allows me to put folders in it. Also by errors do you mean an error will pop up during the process of converting a file or is there a dump it makes for errors? While turning it into a mkv no errors came up of the sort.
Being sad that there are no errors, is a different attitude!

But I think I know what you mean. Things that happen once or intermittently are 'head scratchers'.

I only convert a copy of the original video as a last resort because conversion can sometimes degrade the quality of the original.

I was guessing about Admin mode in Windows 8.1, since I'm not able to test things in that OS. As to errors, I was referring to your statement in post #4 above; "Also while getting meta fox and opening it the error came up, is this necessary at all or will it be fine without:
Haali Media Splitter x86 needs to be installed for Dsmux to work. This message will only be displayed once. But then again cant have 2 splitters or this will cause problems.... ".

I've yet to have an error with MetaFox, but I rarely use it.

Originally Posted by Abyss08ofEvil View Post
But aside from that thank you for helping me atleast I can watch videos now I just hope the devs will be able to continue developing and updating winamp as well because I really like this player.
You're welcome, glad to be of some assistance. Being able to watch videos in Winamp is the important thing. I'm not an expert in this, but there are several ways to go about it. Some of the support files I'm using are different than the ones you're using.

I love Winamp and have been using it for more than 10 years with my audio files. As DrO said (very few active members of the community have his inside knowledge of Winamp), the previous owners of Winamp never directed adequate resources to Winamp's video playback features (even while promoting it as a complete solution for supporting digital media). It also doesn't help that there are so many video formats and variations currently being used.

A couple years ago, I decided to learn a way to have Winamp play all my music video files. I still use other apps for movies and tv shows. Along the way I learned that Winamp will not use 64-bit support files (since it is a 32-bit app) even if you manage to install and register them in the Windows SysWOW64 folder. Winamp also does not use the merit system when selecting codecs.

I turned to LoliHunter's suggestions ( after having limited success with the official suggestions. If you look at that thread, be sure to read post #11. She has not updated her guide since that time, but her suggestions still work for most video file formats with the current version of the codec package she recommends.

This stuff is a lot harder than it should be. If you like to tinker, then learning what works and what doesn't can be fun, but it will 'eat up' time.

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