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Eh well I have lots of time anyways. So time isn't much of a concern but aside from that im more interested about how the entirety of the setups and how they work and how tweaking/modifying will change them. Also that error came up when I used it for the first time so I do think its just explaining that there will be errors if I use Dsmux since I don't have Haali splitter.

As for the guide I will remove, unregister, and clean my computer of all codecs/splitters and try this method as well as clean installation of winamp again. Also since you have windows 7 premium you should look forward to the new windows coming out since it explained 8.1 and windows 7 users with premium get free access to upgrade but im still unsure as to moving to the new version yet. It would prob allow you to work slightly near windows 8 but then again moving to different version of windows at such early time will cause compatibility issues with things like games, applications, etc things that haven't made support for it which is why ill prefer to wait like 6 months before even considering changing.

Aside from that any idea where a download for winamp icon pack is? Since the link to winamp icons is not available mostly due to having closing the website... Also another thing I NEVER thought about doing was running ffdshow configurations on admin. Its a possibility and once I get the resources ill begin trying this method and as well running any installers on admin as well just so this problem doesn't turn out bad or get similar results.

Feel dumb its in Dro's website for all plug-ins and is the only safe source I know isn't a virus.
Er nevermind he does not have the winamp icon packs. Only his own doing of plug-ins.

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