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Wow. Aminifu her success led to me succeeding as well with my question. Its perfect. The only thing that worries me is im confused if she meant the separate downloads she gave when the thread was made had a LAV splitter or if I have to find a LAV splitter or just do this entire process all over again except using the k-lite pack. The videos are working perfectly. Thank you for helping me and thank you for the resources as well. As for googling the icons I was just worried of which sources I could trust and I couldn't find really a direction to the winamp icon pack without being a virus implemented in it from a random website or source. I did not mean to annoy you either asking for a resource that would be easy to find but you have more knowledge of people who have websites associated to winamp that can be trusted or sources.

I am also sorry for responding after so many days. Life got really busy quick and its settling down a lot now so I can have some peace in mind finally.

EDIT: re-read it over for and about the LAV splitter im prob going to have to trash this and everything and do it again if I want all formats to really work.
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