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I'm glad you're well again, hopefully I won't catch a cold this winter. Being sick sux. That's a LOT of presets, Mrs. Klare. Congrats . How do you get winamp to load the presets list without hanging? I tried loading the 50k preset pack I downloaded and winamp just froze . My computer is reasonably fast, too.

Greetings everyone, I have tonight an update to Star Nova. Star Nova is the follow-up preset to Star Forge. I've simply found that the changes in Star Nova were superior without any drawbacks and fit the look better. If you liked Star Nova, you'll like the latest update more or perhaps even love it. If you didn't like Star Nova, you might like this update (but probably not love it). I know people have been asking for a darker version of Star Forge/Nova with an updated warp shader.

Well, finally, v3 is darker while retaining detail and still having bright frames when the beat detection calls for it for better dynamics. At the very least there if far less white "washout". I also added a bit of my own code (even if it's simple entry-level stuff, it just works) to improve the warp shader from both the per-vertex and warp shader categories. In part because of the upgraded warp shader / modified per-vertex code, the preset will have better form. And did I mention beat detection? Yes, that has been improved too, especially for fast music like dance/electronica, while being slow / harder to trigger for slower music. Enjoy!

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .
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