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Greetings everyone, I have a new version of Star Nova - not v3a but v4, and for a couple of good reasons. First, v3 is sacred. When Martin said "Well done," I was like "mission accomplished!", and knowing that my follow up versions were sometimes a step backwards, at least v3 has been well executed. Though, I couldn't resist creating another version because I still had some tricks up my sleeve . There are some things like fps normalization that are still nagging me with these presets, but otherwise its great at 30fps. Maybe fps normalization will eventually come but not even Flexi had fps normalized the original code so maybe its impossible to fps normalize the warp shader.

Second, v4 should be at least somewhat noticeably different from v3; its more than a slight tweaking. The main difference is that there's more texture and other lighting / shading effects happening thanks to the modified per vertex code. Also, v4 has tended to give better screenshots as I've made efforts to preserve the detail lost to a bit too much effect in the color code. The preset *should* be a bit darker in its overall presentation. Unfortunately I don't think I was able to reduce the degree of the rotation much without basically breaking the per vertex code, but there are some changes there to hopefully make it a bit toned down while allowing headroom for more dynamics.

Hopefully, with all the effort I've put into cross referencing the versions and studying them, the best new version made it to publication and this publication is an improvement over the last, etc. There have been about 30 different intermediate versions going from v3 to v4, and maybe around 900+ versions from Star Forge v1 onward. Before I forget, almost none of this would have been possible without Martin's awesome beat detection code, especially in the later versions where I utilized the code more.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys v4! Remember, it looks best at 30fps! Cheers !

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