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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
The one with the magic wand is Egg, but I don't much of a point in housing new moderators if the forums are half dead. There isn't as much traffic as there used to be and instead of adding more mods would only get us to a point where there will be more mods than active users.. kind of ironically sad..
While I agree with your statement, I would at least like to see a little cleanup on the moderators, especially given that we have mods listed that haven't been active in years. It would be nice to see active mods listed in each subforum.

Though, maybe you're right, given the way things have been heading, there may not be much reason to manage this forum (versus an active development forum like wacup). Even I got over reporting the spam because I would notice the spam lingering around days after reporting it. I even started to just unsubscribe from threads that have a lot of spam posted. So maybe it's just a matter of time before this forums does actually become a spam forum.


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