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How to Feed Several Command Prompts Automatically and How to Escape the Semicolon?

I have a cmd app that once launched prompts you for several pieces of information. How do you go about automatically filling in that information?

app launches
-> username goes here
-> password goes here
-> operation goes here

Is this possible or does it require a plugin? I've almost gone nuts over this as all the code I made to accomplish this when examined under DetailPrint seems perfect.

DetailPrint '"C:\in" deep -user$\'now$\'$\r-pass$\'now$\'$\r-start$\'meth;crystal;ls$\'$\r'
nsExec::ExecToLog '"C:\in" deep -user$\'now$\'$\r-pass$\'now$\'$\r-start$\'meth;crystal;ls$\'$\r'

The above prints the following. It seems perfect except there are no prompts...

"C:\in" deep -user'now'

Thing is, although I am putting carriage returns through, and trying to fill in the prompts, nothing works. I spent so much time on several variations and am too tired to keep trying. I feel I am far off.

Someone please help me. Thank you for your time.
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