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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
I disagree, the reason why there is no new Winamp for a few years now isn't the result of a shipped 3rd party plugin (Winamp shipped different 3rd parties over all the years btw, Predixis Music Magic etc), the reason is that the current owner just doesn't provide any dev ressource for a new version and doesn't show any interest in Winamp in general.

Whatever some people think is the reason, the lack of JTFE (features) isn't the reason why there is no new Winamp for sure.

Also problematic what people expect even if 5.8 would be released, many people won't be happy:

- no new features, basically the same like 5.666
- no queue support
- no skinned advanced jump to file window
- no auto tag like in 5.666
- no CD info service like in 5.666

- no file icon library support
- no playlist generator
- ....

Is it that what people want, upgrading to the same they are currently using just with a different version number?

The bolded Gracenote items aren't working in 5.666 either.
And there are some new features in the revised 5.8, and plenty of other changes & fixes.

Other than that, yes, now that DrO is gone and Benski is unavailable, we need a lead dev.

And I might well publicly release 5.8 beta very soon. We shall see.
I've already said everything relevant in previous posts, including that I'll inform you all of any decision made after DNAS 2.5 release.
The delay of the DNAS 2.5 release is chiefly what's caused the extended delays with Winamp.
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