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I might consider some of the graphics, but someone else is gonna have to do the coding, as that would be one hell of a coding challenge, and I'm still learning the code. And I know nothing of MAKI I find it confusing. As for code I'm gonna primarily stick with my html, dhtml, and mirc scripting languages. LOL. If there are any coders who will jump on the bandwagon and collaborate with me, I'll see about doing the graphics. As for the center, I'm thinking use that for like lit up indicators, the spectrum anylizer, and song and time info and tickers, switchable to visualizations, if you have them installed. Color themes could change the color of the center section. Buttons could be around the rim taking place of the glyphs and runes perhaps? Or maybe the play buttons at the main little window thingy's, and then the rest in between them? What do y'all think? If someone is willing to give the coding a shot I'll give the graphics a shot.
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