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if you guys get the Graphics sorted out and the feature list getting a coder would be lots easier.

also I recommed the following.

Set up the seeker so it's the Chevron lights, say start 0 at earth's symbol, then go clockwise, so at ever 14.5% a cheveron lights up.

also animating a Event horizen/wormhole effect would be possible, but murder, I might if the main gate graphics are decent enough be able to render the effect, but animating it might be a headache.

mmmmm I recomend the following.

using the seeker like i mentioned, and using the gate symbol ring as the volume, then placing the Cbuttons on the DHD which will be at the base then having the vis over a animated event horizen placed behind it (and just swap the vis for eq etc)

that's my 2 cents

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