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Rontz:.. Dude.. They call it a draft for a reason ya know .. I only spent like 4 hours in total over 2 days on it, hell it's still lacking most of the details and the polish. IT's a CONCEPT.. yeesh. mello a bit.

And oh I could do a better water effect, just wasn't about to bother as this isn't my project.

And I do unusual things because I HATE doing the same thing as everyone else. In my mind it's no better then doing 200 wa2 skins witha skin maker. I mean hell I've stopped even looking at most skins cuz it's just the same old same old, LCD this, realism that. it's gotten to the point where it no longer impresses me at all. I mean last one that impressed me was your Eye and that T3 skin. Not because thier hyper realisitc, but because they weren't the same old thing i've seen 100 times.

I'm just tired of this whole "gotta be super realistic, to be good" fad. *shrug* It's just not my thing, i'd rather it be hyper functional and appealing to me. I don't care if it's product based or realistic, function and originality are what matter to me.
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