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Bug: Sync adds duplicate tracks for every occurence in playlist

Hi, I just started using this plugin because I didn't really like the built-in Winamp one.

Anyway, I have a 160gb ipod classic and I'm trying to sync my media library as well as my playlists. What I've noticed is that any track that appears in a playlist will get added twice, once for being in the media library and again for being in a playlist.

I've done some quick tests and when I try to sync a small playlist, it will add those files twice and they are in fact duplicated on the ipod. If I make a copy of that playlist, the same files will be added a third time.

I've reset my media library, deleted my playlists and reimported them from .m3u files. I've also formatted my ipod and tried a sync from scratch. No matter what I do, I get duplicate files.
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