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I just "discovered" this forum 10 minutes ago cause I lost all my favorite skins and had to re-download so I googled and this place came up. Then I discovered I have been a member since 2002 and haven't posted in 3 and a half years. I was drunk and high a lot back then so its no big surprise. But nothing will ever replace Winamp as my favorite music player on my PC, nothing else even comes close to how awesome it is.

When I got my first PC on Win 95 I can remember 3 things I discovered that blew my mind, Winamp, MIRC and ICQ (Wait.. you mean I can use ICQ to transfer MP3s to to and from people on my contact list?? Even if one song took a half-hour it still blew my mind, the song was mine forever!)

Anyhow, I have added this forum to my favorites and will try and come around at least every year or so. keep up the good work.

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