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the post is old, the site is no longer maintained, so go here to visit the new site:

basically, b/c everything works with mp3, we are sticking with that. we pull the FM signal off the air b/c the omnia processor is at the xmtr site and besides that we can listen on the net to see if we went off the air. techy engineers tell me that they don't think the FM signal itself can eclipse a 128kbps mp3 file/stream, (they generally say FM = mp3 at anywhere from 64 to 96kbps, usually)

i think the 128 and 96 sound very good for music, while the 32 will do in a pinch, (more like AM radio) and [user-side] bandwidth conservation doesn't seem to matter nearly as much anymore at these rates, as even phones and so on can tune in to the stream.

we don't actually use anything other than winamp and the dsp/shoutcast to stream. we did some simple htaccess code hacks to get WMP to play them, thats all those links are meant to do, launch WMP and successfully play the streams, which WMP can't without the hacks.

the new tools are here:

i am confused as to 1.9.2 vs 2.0.2 but in any case, newer versions should have the latest encoding codecs in them. i think i am using the buggy 1.9.1 at the moment.

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